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Zero Waste Hub

Open Mon-Sat 9-5.  Sun 10-4

(2B) Countess Crescent
Dunbar EH42 1DX

Closed whilst we 

look for new premises

Zero Waste Reuse Hub Dunbar
New stuff every day
The Scrapheap in Dunbar
Vintage at old money prices
I love to read
A map sale
A great team of grafters


Miixer CIC is a non-profit Social Enterprise based in East Lothian.


We are all about REUSE; keeping good things in local circulation, rather than landfill.

Miixer CIC was established in April 2017 to continue and develop the legacy of Dunbar as Scotland's First Zero Waste Town. Miixer CIC now diverts between 60-90 tonnes of material from landfill every month to reuse for community benefit. From our shop in Dunbar we sell quality items cheaply to our local communities, donate to local groups and charities, and support those in need with free goods. Our clothing initiative "Big Pick" (suspended during COVID) aims to eradicate clothing poverty in our County. Our aim is to donate 30% of all diverted materials back into the community.


We are an experimental organisation and we are trying new ways of making reuse work, so you’ll often find us holding unusual sales of scientific, sports and school equipment. We are proud to be Revolve accredited for Safety and Quality. 

We now operate across East Lothian in partnership with East Lothian Council. You can donate your unwanted, quality items for reuse at our Zero Waste Sheds at Dunbar, North Berwick and Strawberry Corner Recycling Centres. Alternatively, you can donate at the Zero Waste Shop in Dunbar. Our aims are to:

  • Divert materials from landfill for community reuse.​​

  • Create jobs.​​

  • Develop and incubate innovative social enterprises which foster sharing and nurture local circular economies.​​​​

  • Alleviate poverty and inequalities through the promotion of waste as a community resource.​​

Miixer is a non-profit organisation that currently receives no external funding. All costs are covered by trading income and if any profits are left at the end of the year, they are used to create new jobs in reuse. We love what we do, and hope you do too. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email

To find out more about how the community benefits from our operations CLICK HERE



Make Innovate Incubate eXtend Educate Reuse


Our Waste Is Our Resource

With thanks to our sponsors, partners and supporters


Revolve certified for Safety and Quality



ZERO WASTE HUB DUNBAR, Countess Crescent, Dunbar EH42 1DX (next to TOFS - The Original Factory Shop)

Company Number SC554195


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